Parents Committee
  Parent's Committee

Elected Parent’s Committee members:

  • Mr. Ziad Kaj

  • Mr. Ziad Nasreddine

  • Mr. Ali Kalakash

  • Mr. Mohamad Shreif

  • Mr. Ziad Abi Fakher

  • Mr. Mohamad Mazraani

  • Ms. Soha Bourji

  • Ms. Rana Diab

  • Mr. Hussein Fadel

  • Ms. Rania Koubaisi Kashmar

  • Dr. Imad Akkoush

  • Ms. Amal Zein El Din El Hajj Diab

  • Ms. Alia Bader Nehme

  • Ms. Huda Doumit

  • Dr. Walid Dakroub

  • Mr. Nadim Khreis



The executive committee:

 President: Mr. Hussein Fadel

 Vice President: Mr. Ali Klakish

 Secretary: Mrs. Soha Bourji

 Finance subcommittee:  Dr. Imad Akkoush
                                         Mr. Mohamad Shreif



  About the Parents Committee

The Parent's Committee represents parents to the school administration. It assists the school in setting the school budget and annual tuition rates. It also works in coordination with the administration to benefit the school and its students.

1. Parents elect 15 members to the Parents' Committee during the first term of the school year.

2. The Parents' Committee's term of office is 3 years renewable for each member for a maximum of one year.

3. Only parents who have had at least one child in the school for the past two years are eligible to be members.

4. Committee members who no longer have at least one child in the school lose their seat. They are replaced with the person who received the next highest number of votes in committee elections.

5. Committee members will elect an executive committee of a president, a vice president, a secretary, and two finance subcommittee members.




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