Word from the Principal
  Word from the Principal

Dear NPC parents:

Raising and educating our children is not an easy task. The success of this most important mission requires cooperation between parents and school.
As parents, we are expected to provide a peaceful and secure family environment for our children so that they can function in a relaxed and studious atmosphere for maximum achievement. We should never treat our children harshly; severity will hinder their academic performance,affect their character negatively, and diminish their self-esteem.

We are also called upon to involve ourselves in our children's education. As part of this involvement, I ask you to browse through the various sections of this website in order to better understand our services, our principles, and our philosophy. Your acceptance and support are essential for the success of our school's policies, mission, as well as your child's education. You play a pivotal role in training your children to assume responsibility for their actions, to respect the rights of others, to develop self-discipline, to fulfill duties, and to respect appointments and deadlines.
I trust that we will always work together for the welfare of our children.

Youeel Joel Tarabay

Principal  - National Protestant College





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