An Overview of the School's History

The National Protestant College was founded in 1949 in the Ras Beirut area in the heart of Beirut. The school began as an elementary school for girls that was also known as  Mrs. Jraidini’s School after the name of its first principal, Mrs. Rida Jraidini.

 The following are the main milestones of the school’s history: 

  • 1950 The first NPC elementary school graduates received the elementary school certificate better known as the Certificat.
  • 1955  NPC’s first commencement exercises were held, with 16 girls receiving their secondary school diplomas then known as the Baccalaureate. Most were later enrolled into the American University of Beirut and the Beirut University College (now LAU) without having to submit to entrance exams attesting to the notable reputation and excellence of the school.
  • 1967  NPC, now a mixed gender k – 12 school, moved to the town of Dbayeh, a suburb of Beirut.
  • 1975 Civil war. NPC was forced to relocate in various parts of Beirut including  Haigazian University campus in Hamra district.
  • 1997 A new branch of  NPC was opened in the town of Kfarchima in the southern suburbs of Beirut. The new branch accommodated all school divisions from preschool to grade 12. The original Ras Beirut campus was retained and dedicated to serve preschool and elementary school children only.











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