A Word From the President
To my dear NPC alumni,

I am very delighted – and honoured - to address our alumni community, placing you - our newest graduates- at the forefront as you celebrate your years of hard work at our institution with your graduation.
As the newest alumni of this noble school, we would like to take a moment to congratulate you for this amazing accomplishment, hopefully the first of many more to come! 
However, with added accomplishments come added responsibilities, and today we hand over a legacy for you to cherish and protect. It is the NPC legacy of hard work, good citizenship and high spirits. We trust in you to represent the name of the school that loves and cherishes its children, to be its ambassadors in your future life adventures.
The NPC Alumni Association was founded in 2002 with the primary aim of serving the school’s Alma Mater. We currently are five members working for that purpose and hope to expand further with our expanding alumni community – both numerically and geographically - celebrating our successes together and taking our school name forward.   We look forward to work together, through our association, for a continuously improving future for our student community. 
I graduated from NPC 39 years ago, and I still and will always carry the love of this school in my heart. There is one promise I can give you on your graduation day: 39 years from today, you too will still be carrying this school’s love and will vividly remember the wonderful memories you have formed here.
With this message of love, we congratulate you once more and wish you the most successful of futures, but always in proximity to our country, our city and our school.                                                                                                                                                                                         

Best Regards,
Hayat Maalouf Chedid

Chairperson, NPC Alumni Association


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Board Members

President: Hayat Chedid

Secretary: Anass Charara

Public Relations: Mimi Farsoun

Treasurer: Randa Theodori




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