NPC 2020-2021 Plans
Thu, 3 Sep 2020

NPC Plan for 2020-2021 Academic Year

Dear parents,

Despite all challenges, NPC is determined to start a successful academic year, 2020-2021 with utmost readiness to face all challenges, hinder all obstacles, and cope with the new normal. As administrators, we appreciate the willingness and cooperation all NPC parents and teachers are showing. Together, we will succeed in educating your children counting on your continuous trust, for your children’s safety and wellbeing are our priority.

Our professional team has designed different plans to set us ready for online learning, blended learning and/or in-person classes taking into consideration the safety of students and teachers as well. Modifications related to the curricula, books, stationery, and school busses have been made.

The following plans are set in compliance with the decisions taken by the ministry of education and issued on September 8, 2020.


Plan A

In-Person Classes  

Plan A will be followed if schools reopen and regular teaching takes place. Regular schedules will be followed taking into consideration the safety of all. The curricula and academic yearly plans are modified to compensate for any missed lessons. The year will begin on September 28, 2020 gradually by cycle with intensive revision and reteaching of important lessons. Formative assessment will take place by the end of October. Based on the evaluation of students’ academic performance, the yearly plans will be revisited and updated.


Plan B

Hybrid Schedule for Blended Learning

Plan B will be implemented if the ministry of education decides to move to blended learning if Covid-19 positive rates increase. A hybrid schedule of 2 choices is set as follows:

Choice 1

Students will attend classes in person 4 days a week (Monday till Thursday) in groups of 10 or 15. They attend online classes on Friday. Friday will be dedicated to any of the following: assessment, projects, or small group instruction. You will receive a detailed schedule of choice 1 as soon as we decide to implement it.

Choice 2

Students will be divided into groups of 10 or 15 per class (depending on class size).Each group/division will attend 3 days in person and 2 days virtual classes.

The curricula will be updated as well. Skills will be reinforced in the first month of school before the new material is presented. Online material will be uploaded and lessons will be available at any time. You will receive a detailed schedule of choice 2 as soon as we decide to implement it.

Plan C

Online Virtual Classes

Plan C will be implemented if national lockdown is enforced. Online classes will take place through the school website for the first term. The online classes schedule will be revisited in terms 2 and 3 based on the development of the virus and updates from the ministry of education. This plan is divided into 2 phases.

Phase 1-Term 1

Phase 1 is Term 1 starting end of September online following a schedule of sessions for all subjects.

Instructions for this phase:

· Students will participate personally through camera-on.

· Attendance is mandatory and will be tracked electronically and evaluated as part of classroom participation.

· The schedule will include daily classes starting 8 a.m. and finishing 2 p.m.  Preschoolers will have an afternoon schedule. All subjects will be covered according to a varied number of sessions.

· The load of lessons and assignments will vary across grade levels.


Phase 2- Terms 2 and 3

If schools reopen, we will have gradual transition to in-person classes. We will bring back students in small groups for a half schedule and move to full schedule gradually depending on updates from the ministry of education. Skills will be scaffolded based on the assessment results. Reinforcement and support will be provided.


Administrative Procedures

The school administration will be following up on students individually. To support students who might face challenges related to Wi-Fi connection, inaccessibility of devices and pace of instruction, the following procedures will be followed:

· If the school follows Plan B, material will be presented both in class and uploaded to the website for reinforcement.

· If the school follows Plan C:

- The schedule of classes will be different across school divisions (preschool-elementary-middle/secondary) to avoid clashes in class time for families with 2 or more students across divisions. 

- Preschool classes will take place in the afternoon to guarantee parents’ support and supervision.

- ALL zoom sessions / lessons will be available on the website for students who were obliged to skip sessions.

- Material presented online will be reviewed in term 2 / phase 2 when school attendance becomes attainable and safe.

Book Lists

Considering the economic crisis, we modified the booklists exceptionally for this year as follows:

1. Some workbooks are replaced with worksheets teachers upload to the website.

2. Book rentals will remain discounted by 40% and dollar prices exchanged for 1,500LL.

3. New books will be sold at discounted prices with 3,000LL for exchange rate.

4. Grades 8 &11 social studies books will be used in grades 9 &12.

Note: This modification will reduce the booklist cost by 60%.


School Uniform

In case the school reopens, wearing the school uniform is a must with some exceptions. The uniform cost will be reduced for those who want to buy a new uniform or part of it.



Buying the school stationery is NOT mandatory, but the school stationery is available with reduced prices – cheaper than bookstores’ prices.



Bus transportation will be provided for those interested. Safety measures will be enforced on busses.


Safety Measures

· Entering the school is subjected to temperature checks. Any student, parent, teacher, staff member showing symptoms including fever will not enter the school. Your cooperation here is highly needed.

· Every person entering the school campus should be wearing face mask all the time.

· Hand sanitizing is a must at all times.

· Classrooms, offices, busses and washrooms will be cleaned and sanitized twice a day.

· Entering and exiting bathrooms, classrooms and offices will follow a safe protocol.

· Strict safety supervision will be available at all times.





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