A Speech by Nader Abou Mrad, grade 12G
Tue, 01 Dec 2015

A Word to my Friends on Independence Day

Friends, I wish to tell you something that requires your cumulative attention. It's that the dream of an independent Lebanon did not die with Bshara El Khoury or Riad el Solh. It did not die with any of the war heroes that fell during the Civil War. It did not die with any of our brothers and sisters form the South and from the Lebanese suburbs who have gotten used to dying  while standing on their feet and not kneeling on their knees. 

It is our duty to honor these sacrifices and make the dream a reality. But you may ask, why us? Why are we so special? Why are we the chosen ones? Why are we the broken link that will put an end to this cycle?

Well it is in the words of J.F Kennedy :"We do these tasks not because they are easy, but because they are hard." We are the most qualified to make change happen. It is in our education, our humanitarian views, and our love for a united Lebanon that we have the ability, as a society, to build a nation from the ground up.

When I look around me today, I do not see corrupt politics. I do not see a polluted environment. I do not see a digressive economy. All I see is a Lebanon that needs me, a Lebanon that needs us.

I see this Lebanon in every drop of toxic water in our lakes and our beaches, in every inch of forsaken land in these ten thousand, four hundred and fifty two square kilometers, and in the eyes of every boy, girl, child, teen, and every single citizen from Achrafiyeh and Vurdun to the "burj" and the "dahye".


I see within each and every single one of you here today hope, not selfishness, love, not hatred, and the ability to lead revolutions not countries.

May these words echo through the halls of our infested governmental facilities: Lebanon will one day be purged of its own artificial independence.






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